Fine Dining in Downtown Dubai

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Want to dine at the top of the world? Located at the 22nd floor of Burj Khalifa, this stunning, sky-high glass-walled restaurant offers jaw-droppingly picturesque views of Dubai, complementing an upscale ambiance and delectable palate. This chic, high-end restaurant is famous for its elegant high tea menu with sweet and savory delights, as well as an extensive array of tantalizing dishes with a vibrant mix of flavors. No matter your gastronomic preferences, you can get everything from European classics like Foie Gras Terrine and Oysters to Australian specialties such as Lamb in Tonka Jus, in addition to an indulgent dessert section. Guests can also unwind at the lounge overlooking stunning vistas of the world’s tallest performing fountains. If you are a connoisseur of fine dining, Atmosphere promises you an experience like none other.

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Flawless modern Japanese with eccentricity, flair, style and substance, Zuma has ostensibly become synonymous with fine Japanese cuisine in Dubai. Located at the heart of the city, in the vicinity of Burj Khalifa, Zuma is home to the Izakaya style of dining, serving authentic Japanese Cuisine. What makes Zuma a roaring success is that they take the technique and study associated with Japanese food and blends it with glitz and glamour from the West. If you are planning a trip to Zuma, don’t forget to try the rib eye with wafu sauce and garlic chips, as well as the Instagram-able Miso-marinated black cod wrapped in hoba leaf and the Tsubu-miso gake hinadori no oven yaki. In addition to the main dining area, patrons can head over to the expertly manned Sushi and Robata counters.

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A sophisticated and intimate space, Thiptara serves traditional Royal Thai cuisine with an emphasis on Bangkok-style seafood. Literally translating to ‘magic at the water’, the restaurant offers enchanting dining experiences, surrounded by majestic banyan trees and lush tropical gardens by the riverside. A feast for the senses, the legendary Thai lifestyle of days gone by reflects in Thiptara, not only through its elegant décor but also in its cuisine. Feast on authentic recipes, with an extra punch of flavor as the kitchen manages to add a little something extra to all the classics, making it a meal to remember. Choose from a selection of curries including beef Panang, spicy roast red duck and green chicken, or t exquisite Bangkok-style seafood dishes, including fried sea bass, stir-fried lobster and sea bream, paired with popular plates like pad Thai, tom yum soup and zesty salads, while being entertained by the water show.

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We cannot thank Chef Fernando Trocca enough for introducing Latin American open-fire cooking in Dubai with a touch of European influence. If you want to experience food like never before, you’re guaranteed a lively night out at this fashionable spot with its huge open kitchen and buzzy bar. Indubitably, Sucre also boasts an extensive collection of the world’s finest grapes for wine connoisseurs. While the menu is extensive, we recommend that you try king crab tostada, Argentinian bone-in ribeye and squid ink paella.

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If you are a connoisseur of the finest food and superior wines, there is no better place than the Michelin-starred Armani Ristorante. The restaurant offers classic Italian cuisines with premium selections such as Agnolotti del plin, filetto di scorfano, Risotto Tartufo and several starters. Aside from meat-based dishes, Ristorante also offers some beautiful seafood dishes. This sophisticated, opulent restaurant comes with high ceilings, well-spaced tables, marble flooring and a large, central glass-fronted kitchen where diners can watch the chefs hard at work. Dine outside against the backdrop of the iconic Dubai Fountain and indulge in modern Italian fares leveraging first-class ingredients in beautifully presented, rich dishes full of color, flavor and textural contrasts. From fully tailored service to a degustation-style menu and recommendations from an in-house sommelier, this restaurant has all that it takes.

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Perched on the 63rd floor of Address Downtown, offering incredible views of the glittering city skyline, Neos is the ultimate hub for the city’s distinguished and elite. This luxurious sky lounge offers a heightened experience for those seeking relaxation and pre-dinner snacks and beverages. The best thing about Neos is that it offers an unobstructed view of the Burj Khalifa, while the Dubai Fountain show will dazzle you throughout the evening with its record-breaking aquatic choreography. Sample a wide array of freshly prepared snacks that include a decadent cheese platter and oysters along with more filling foods such as braised beef ribs and chicken shawarma, while sipping on a Titan Martini. Don’t forget to end the evening on a sweet note with a dessert such as a delectable chocolate mousse or fruit salad. This is without a doubt the ultimate place to experience a symphony of sights, tastes and sounds that, quite simply, make you feel on top of the world, amidst avant-garde interiors.

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Counted among the top restaurants in the city, Bagatelle Dubai welcomes culinary aficionados from all over the world to experience the ultimate joie de vivre lifestyle. If you are looking to kick off your night with a good meal, Bagatelle is the perfect place to enjoy a late-night French-Mediterranean quality dining experience, reminiscent of the epicurean spirit of the South of France. We recommend booking a table no earlier than 10pm to get the full Bagatelle experience, including a menu of standout French dishes, live music and plenty of dancing on tables. Opulent and chic, Bagatelle reflects classic Parisian elements highlighted by bold artwork and pulsating music, keeping guests entertained and mesmerized every night.

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A multi–Time Out Dubai Best Indian award winner, Trèsind is the birthplace of “innovative Indian cuisine”, With the aim to foster the revered legacy of Indian food. Don’t come here expecting a simple Indian fare – instead, revel in the signature Indian dishes that come served alongside plenty of dry ice, foams, gels and other theatrics that taste as good as they look. dining at Trèsind is a once-in-a-lifetime gastronomic experience that celebrates the evolution of contemporary Indian cuisine.

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