Explore Downtown Dubai places to visit

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Burj al Khalifa

Towering at a height of 2,700 feet, this awe-inspiring global icon seems just short of touching the skies. With two observation decks, a Las Vegas-inspired fountain, some of the world’s most luxurious hotels and multiple restaurants, this 21st-century wonder would leave you gaping in amazement. A high-speed elevator whips you up to the observation deck on the 124th floor where floor-to-ceiling windows offer a magnificent unobstructed view of the city, the desert and the Persian Gulf. If you want to go even higher, soar all the way up to the 148th floor “at the top of the sky” and enjoy a VIP tour with refreshments. An interactive screen here lets you “fly” to different city landmarks by hovering your hands over high-tech sensors. If you’re feeling peckish, the highly respected Armani restaurant boasts an extensive selection of delights that are sure to leave you satisfied.

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Dubai Opera

Located in Downtown Dubai, Dubai Opera is the radiant center of culture and arts in Dubai. The 2000-seat multi-format theatre is the ultimate hub for authentic, creative and engaging performing arts and world-class entertainment productions. If you want to witness world-class talent, from opera, ballet and classical music concerts to musical theatre, fashion shows, jazz, comedy, family shows and a full range of live entertainment, head on to the dhow shaped architectural wonder and treat yourself to a spectacular show. This will be one of the most luxurious things to do in Downtown Dubai on your bucket list. If you feel hungry afterwards, head up to the rooftop restaurant and enjoy a spectacular dinner with views of the Burj Khalifa.

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Dubai Mall

Found in the very epicenter of Downtown Dubai, witness the world’s largest destination for entertainment, leisure and retail. The Dubai mall is home to some 1,500 retail, food and drink outlets, a humungous walk-through aquarium, a world-class ice rink, an underwater Zoo, a 76,000-square foot VR themed amusement park, 14,000 parking spaces and tons of exciting experiences for visitors. Dubai Mall pays homage to high fashion with more than 70 signature stores, including Fashion Avenue, Galeries Lafayette, France’s leading lifestyle retailer and Bloomingdale’s, America’s leading department store. After a day of shopping spree, shoppers will love to glide over the ice-cold chilled surface of the giant Olympic sized ice rink or head over to the aquarium where 10 million liters of water hold some of the most charismatic jewels of aquatic life.

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Sconci Art Gallery

A paradise for art enthusiasts in need of inspiration, the Sconci Art Gallery exhibits some of the most obscure masterpieces from the seventeenth century to the present day. This is one place where you can appreciate the works of both 17th century artists, such as Carlo Morganti and Antonio Corpora, to modern and contemporary art of the 21st century. The best part is that each work you see here is accompanied by an expertise or a certificate of authenticity which means it is legally registered in the archive of the artist. If you want to see the world of art unfurl before your eyes, be sure to visit exhibitions that showcase artist-specific pieces or feature art from different parts of the world.

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Dubai Fountain

Indulge yourself in the world’s largest choreographed show of water, music and light at the dancing fountain show. Every 30 minutes, starting 6 p.m., jets of illuminated water undulate as gracefully as a belly dancer, arc like a dolphin and soar up to heights of 500 ft, in perfect coordination with classical, Arabic and international contemporary music. Set against the backdrop of the glittering Burj Khalifa, the breathtaking display is a must-see on your list. There are plenty of great vantage points where you can get front-row tickets to this wonder, such as the restaurants at Souk Al Bahar, the bridge linking Souk Al Bahar with Dubai Mall, the Dubai Mall waterfront terrace or aboard a 272m-long floating boardwalk (Dhs20), which takes you just 9m away from the fountain.

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Calabar Lounge

Vibrant, Latin-inspired Calabar is a premium lounge bar, attracting Dubai’s fashionable and elite. As the sun sets behind the Burj Khalifa, Calabar’s sundowner terrace comes alive with an energetic buzz. The menu features a heady mix of savory South American specialties with refreshing beverages and exotic cocktails. This premium lounge is the perfect place to throw a party or simply to witness the vibrant nightlife of Dubai.

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Museum of the Future

Designed as an asymmetric Torus clad in calligraphy-engraved steel and glass, the museum of the future focuses on harnessing the lessons from our present day to construct the future. The Museum of the Future combines elements of exhibition, immersive theatre and themed attraction, inviting you to look beyond the present to the possible. Through VR and AR, big data analysis, AI, and human machine interaction installations and displays, the first 3 floors focus on the possible futures of outer space resource development, ecosystems and bioengineering, while another floor will showcase near-future technologies that will transform our world by addressing challenges in areas such as health, water, food, transportation and energy. The final floor will be dedicated for children, where they can explore and think through solutions to the climate crisis.

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